Monday, 18 June 2012

Beautiful Bloggers

Yesterday I was nominated for the beautiful blogger award by Sally Jayne (her blog is at
I was very touched, not having been nominated for anything like this before :O) Thank you for making me smile.
The rules of the award are that if you accept it you post it on your site, choose (about) 6 people to pass it on to, and then tell ten facts about yourself that others may not know. I have chosen the people who I think deserve the award next.  The nomination made me smile and pleased that my blog interests others , so I hope these nominees see it in the same light.
If it seems more like a chore than an award, then I apologise now.

These are the people I am nominating
1.       Rachel Selby at always enjoy reading her take on life’s matters and she regularly contributes to 100WC
2.        Alison Green over at A teacher who blogs – like nearly everyone I follow on twitter, never met her but think she is great
3.       Re Harris who writes at and has taken the time on numerous occasions to critique my writing. Her flash fiction pieces are always well worth a read
4.       Polly Burns at another 100WC writer as well as musings on life and everything
5.       Isobel and cat at another cat lover whose blog is always great to read
6.       Mrs Teepot at fab photos and loads of interesting pieces including 100 WC
7.       Susan K Mann at  love her gothic inspired short stories and her take on life; not sure how she finds the time to write such a fab blog J

I am new to blogging really and don’t blog as regularly as some.

Now for things people don’t know about me-
1.       Being a mother is my greatest achievement.
2.       I have played the flute since I was 10 and still do every now and then.
3.       I taught myself to play the guitar which I love
4.       I have always wanted to learn to belly dance- it’s those wonderful costumes!
5.       I am allergic to melon – weird but true; makes my throat swell- not pleasant.
6.       I really (and I mean REALLY) hate flying ants- not sure why, but I loathe them and will run away (no matter where I am) from them
7.       I used to want to be a doctor when I was a little girl. Very glad I changed that to becoming a teacher (but science IS my fave subject)
8.       I am a complete coffee snob after being given a nespresso machine- can’t stand instant coffee :P
9.       I love a single malt (highland) whiskey, half and half water, with 70% dark chocolate to nibble on at the same time!
10.   I am very scared of heights- don’t know why and it seems to be getting worse as I get older; crossing wibbly bridges, going up lighthouses and other tall buildings, really steep steps, walking up steep hills- brings me out n a cold sweat and shakes. So no ascending Everest for me!


  1. Glad you were pleased with the award. It's fascinatng reading these 10 things about people, don't you think. Some of yours are complete opposites to mine (I'm thinking music and heights in particular)!

    1. Yes, isn't it interesting to read the lists of ten things :-)

  2. Thanks for the nomination. I actually did a 10 things about me last year but I will find a way to respond to this meme on my blog. I am flattered. I could have written a number of your items myself except that my musical abilities are all dreams that I haven't actualized yet and I don't distinguish between Nespresso and instant.

    1. :-) We all need a pat on the back sometimes :-)

  3. I see what you mean about similarities.
    I can do Belly Dancing - had lessons for a year!

    1. still looking out for classes...

  4. Love your ten things, fascinating to read about other people's lives. And thanks for nominating me! I aim to publish something tomorrow.

    1. You're welcome, thought it was a lovely award to share :-)

  5. Thank you so much, Anna. I'm getting a little weepy now because I'm surprised and somehow lightened on a difficult day (getting to be month), that you included me in the seven you nominated. I've been trying to gain interest in my hundred word stories by keeping each entry in that vein, but WordPress lets us add separate pages. I'll try to soon add a page to my site to accept this award properly.

    I enjoyed reading your ten things that people don't know about you. Thanks for sharing those. And thanks for sharing the award!

    1. Oh you are most welcome. Things like this are made to brighten someone's day. It did mine so I am very pleased that it did for you too x