Monday, 5 June 2017

Things can only get better

Having recently been to a meeting of the Teacher Reference group at the DfE, I was heartened by the clear intent to actually listen to the profession.

Assessment in KS2 has been widely criticised since the hasty implementation of the 2014 curriculum. Last year's results were, let's say, mixed.

Being in Year 6 I have been right in the middle of the changes- raising standards- good. Having high expectations- obviously good.

BUT the present system was rushed in and is clearly not fit for purpose.

The consultation (due to close 22 June) is gatheing opinion right now- fill it in if you haven't already.

Quite what will happen remains to be seen, but I came away from the meeting with a lightness in my step as it really does seem that those involved in assessment at the DfE have recognised the flaws and are committed to working WITH the profession to have a system which will be fit for purpose.

Let's hope they carry through and that the present crisis in retention and recruitment will turn the corner.