Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 word challenge for grown ups- wk 28

Goodness; this is the 28th WCGU; I think I have done most of them so far; where does the time go?
I have been really pushing the children's 100WC with my class recently and have been thrilled to have more taking part; challenge now is to get the parents on board with the whole blogging idea. There is a lot of distrust out there with blogs it seems. although many of the children use the internet for all sorts of things. I haven't been able to put my finger on it yet.
It doesn't help that so many blogs are filtered out at school- I have been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to persuade my HT to let us unblock various sites but he is reluctant to do so. 
I understand that there are lots of things on the web which are totally unsuitable for primary aged children, but school filters are somewhat of a "head in sand" approach to internet safety. Surely we need to teach children how to use the internet safely...
Anyway I could go on and on about this, but wont for now as I need to think about how to integrate blogging more effectively into my teaching and encourage parents to do so too. 

In the meantime, this week Julia  (http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week-28/)  has given us a word prompt    : ...you bought her what…

That plus 100 words is the format. My first plan was for a Dad and a son to have bought the same thing for their wife/mother but that didn't work, I tried to see if I could use the ever faithful Kit (see previous 100WCGU entries) but that didn't work either, so I have gone for this...partly influenced by an incredible video a friend of mine sent me a link to...

 “You bought her what?  Are you mad?” Kay’s eyes were so wide that Sky was beginning to wonder if they’d ever revert to usual.
“Sometimes you’re SO dumb!” Kay grabbed the phone, “Fine, let’s see what Jo thinks of it; she’s known Mum like forever.”
“Whatever.” Sky nonchalantly twirled her hair as Kay made the call.
“Yeah, hi, um can I ask you something?...... Sky’s only gone and bought a.... Oh, you already know......you were with her? Oh....but.........OK, bye.”
Kay glared angrily, her eyes narrow slits.
Sky smiled sweetly, “Mum’s had enough of Zumba- pole dancing is her latest fad. I think it’s cool.” 


  1. You captured teen-speak really well here, and I was wondering right to the end what on earth Sky had bought that horrified Kay so much. It really made me laugh. I just hope it doesn't get wasted as mum seems a bit flighty with her fads.

  2. By the way - how about running a blogging workshop for the parents? Get them into school, show them the school blog so you can demonstrate how safe it is and how well it protects children's identities. Show them what happens when a comment is left - ie you moderate it - so they can see that nobody can leave inappropriate comments for the children.

    Show them how to leave a comment - it's possible some of them don't know and are too embarrassed to ask.

    Give them ideas of things to look out for in the stories so they have some idea of what to say in their comments. Sow them examples of comments that people have really left on the pieces. It's possible some of the parents are just scared about writing the wrong thing.

    Show them some of the other school blogs that are out there and ask them what sort of content they'd like to see on yours that might inspire them to comment more.

    You never know - you might even inspire them to get blogging themselves. How cool would a family 100WC club be - children and parents side by side doing the 100WC/100WCGU and then commenting on each others?

    OK - maybe I'm getting carried away with the last suggestion, but I do think a blogging workshop for parents might help take some of their fear away and get them more involved.

  3. Now that sounds like a really great idea; we have parent evenings later in the term so I could tie in with that (captive audience and all!)
    Thanks; certainly given me food for thought.

  4. Great writing again Anna and I fully endorse SJ's suggestions re blogging at school!

  5. Lol! Go Mum! I love how much fun you've had with this weeks prompt.

  6. Thanks Dughall; am planning the blogging meeting!

    I did have fun with this prompt- but plan to try a more serious approach next time...prompt dependant!

  7. I love the fun approach to this. Good old mum, pole dancing is probably less energetic than Zumba but never having tried either I wouldn't be an expert! :-) Ronnie@hurtledto60

  8. I'm with Kay on this one - Pole dancing!? Do real people really do that?

  9. Each to ones own...not something I've tried!

  10. GSussex
    The letters of your post are all overlapping on my computer . . . oh dear not sure what's up, sorry cannot comment as cannot read

  11. OMG - Anna! This is fab! I'm rather wishing I'd had already taken up my son'r suggestion about Zumba. You never know what he might have bought me for my 60th!

    It is brilliantly written. You can see the expressions & hear the tones of voice! Great!

  12. This is great, what a fun take on the prompt. x

  13. DancingInTheRain30 January 2012 at 09:45

    Really enjoyed this. Great fun - and so realistically written. Bet it keeps her slim!!

  14. Thanks, it was rather tongue-in-cheek. And yes, I bet it WOULD keep her slim!