Monday, 3 February 2014

I wish...

Now, stop; just for a moment ...
If wishes could come true here is what I would wish for today (not including the obvious ones like health, happiness, world peace etc)

An education system that was run by education specialists not civil servants.
An education secretary who had spent time in school teaching or at least shadowing teachers (for years not one off media stunts).
A system where the state and private schools were funded equally (or even just narrowed the gap).
A system where qualified teachers taught our children yet supported experts in their field to work alongside them.
A system where sports coaches and music teachers could take children for after school clubs IF THEY WANT TO! (the children that is!)
A system where the teaching profession was respected and trusted.
Schools which had their leaks and cracks fixed.
Headteachers who were trusted to bring the best out of their staff and pupils.
A system which limited class sizes and funded schools so that they could use staff where the need is highest.
A system which recognised the essential contribution made by teaching assistants.
A validation system which worked in partnership with schools to improve learning for children and provide CPD opportunities for teachers.
Secondments available to teachers (with a range of experiences- not just SLT) to get involved at LA , region or national levels  (hey, while I am wishing why not INTERnational levels too)

To be honest, the first one alone would have  (IMHO) a huge impact. The others... It is good to dream.

Of course all children are entitled to the very best education that we can give them; and that is what the vast majority of teachers are trying to do despite the never ending obstacles which stand before us.

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