Tuesday, 10 April 2012

100 words for grown ups- another for the holidays

I enjoyed this week’s challenge so much that I thought I would try another one. There were so many that I enjoyed reading, but firefly Phil’s stood out . Maybe it was all those rabbits! 

Anyway, I have carried it on. As always, love to know what you think.
 I have been doing some writing this Easter for the 1000 flash fiction site http://1000words.org.uk/ I thought I would see if anything I submitted would be chosen for the blog... I thought it would be a useful exercise to see if anyone outside the 100WCGU group would be at all interested in my writing. If not, then I know I still have a VERY long way to go, and if so then I know I have even further to go if I want to stretch my writing beyond these 100word challenges!

In the meantime, here is my continuation of I Wonder What…

Alice has a surprise!
She headed towards the hole, stopping to think if it would be bad manners to arrive at a wedding, if of course it was a wedding, with neither invitation NOR gift. As she thought, the edge of the hole gave way and she fell, landing with a bump at the paws of a VERY cross looking white rabbit. "We're late!"
 Hand in paw she was taken to the quaintest church imaginable, with  a colony of rabbits filling the pews. “How splendid!”
To her dismay, the rabbit kept pulling her towards the altar.
 "All rise!"
 Alice’s legs turned to jelly as she realised this was HER wedding...
But, to whom?


  1. Oh please tell, to whom? the caterpillar?
    Of course people will want to read your writing, it's great.You have a brilliant sense of humour and a gift for a story. Thanks for the link to the 1000 word thingy. I submitted a story to the South West version and it's been long listed but doubt I'll get beyond that because my writing is so down to earth rather than posh!

    1. I haven't decided yet!! Well done for being lng listed..I didn't hearabout the SW version til after closing. I love your writing, always enjoy your pieces.

  2. Oh Anna this is fab! It has a feeling of Lewis himself & has been left to go in all sorts of directions.

    1. Thank you, I just adored the idea of a rabbit wedding :-)

  3. My money is on the mad hatter...

    1. LOL :D You know, that's who I thought would be the most peculiar one to marry (although if it was Johnny Depp I think I could put up with his madness!!) Thanks for taking the time to read and comment :O)