Thursday, 6 August 2015

And relax...

I was going to have a rant about negativity in the way our profession is all too often portrayed by the media but deleted partway through as that in itself was negative.

So, as the summer holiday reaches its halfway point and the list of things I need to complete to be ready for the start of term grows by  the day, here's to positivity.

As a teacher, being positive is essential , regardless of how I may be feeling that morning, the children deserve to have a teacher who is full of enthusiasm about the day ahead. (We can all recall INSET sessions/ staff meetings where the presenter has been lacking in enthusiasm and how it makes us feel!)  Conversely, being like a Duracell bunny (other brands of battery are available as are other types of small furry mammal ;P) would be somewhat wearing as well. Somewhere in between is where I'd like to be (erring towards the bunny!)

Where is this post going? To act as a reminder that teaching really is a fabulous profession. I am looking forward to the challenges of the year ahead. (There will be many as I will be with Y6 - first time with the new SATs !)  Sure, there will be ups and downs and times when I will want to bang my head on the wall or table, but being positive, modelling that to my class when things are hard so that they see a challenge as something to overcome, not to be afraid of. Life is full of challenges; it is how we deal with them that ultimately shapes us into the people we become.

And I will continue to beat my positivity drum loud and long; perhaps if more of this was portrayed there would be fewer teachers leaving, more joining?  Teaching is not easy, but where would the challenge be in that!

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