Friday, 17 June 2016

Space Camp USA

Day one

I hadn't realised how significant Hunstsville was in the whole space programme. This is the place that the engines were developed and built for the first missions to space...those which flew unmanned, and those with chimps. Probably the most famous of all , the Apollo missions, all as a result of the work carried out in this once small , cotton trading town. President James Kennedy visited Hunstville and gave his pledge to support the Amercan mission to send a man to the moon.

It's somewhat surreal seeing the huge rockets reaching to the sky, but incredible to see the enormity of it all close up.

This is where I am staying :

First day included seminars from Ed Buckbee, part of the team who trained the astronauts on the NASA space program and Astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger. She was on the I.S.S in 2012 and had taken part in space camp here in Huntsville as a child!

Here's her presentation

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