Saturday, 18 June 2016

Space Camp day two

Day two

 Team building activities at area five. Moving toxic waste without touching the bucket, balance board and confusion maze where we had to get across using three planks.
Team building
Team building 2
Team building 3

Followed by talk about ARISS communication wth the ISS via radio. Gives opportunities to talk to astronauts. Plus video from Tim Peake.

Rocket making. With high speed instructions! Will be lanced on fourth day. Good reminder of what it is like to be a learner.

G force spinner. Strapped in and spun to 4G . Very strange and not very pleasant feeling at all. But I did it!

Mission patch activity . Team activity to make a logo to represent the team. We have to create a patch that defines us as a team. Chosen a hexagonal outline which will include the six countries represented by our team .

Now space mission...

I am CAPCOM. This means that I communicate between places to tell the right team people what to do
We are doing a simulation set in the future where we have to swap over astronauts who have been on Mars with replacements.
We have a script to follow, but anomalies can occur. I am the only one on base control who can communicate with the module.  Did a practice run...hard to follow all the instructions and keep to time. Have to switch between channels and listen to what's happening in each section. Really interesting. Look forward to the full activity tomorrow.

Then feedback to each other on how to use activities in our classrooms.

Science on orbit.
How the ISS operates. Life size scale replica of the ISS. Fascinating insight into life onboard.
On board the ISS
Robotics workshop

Using Lego to make robotics. See some pics. Two wheels and 'make it easier to turn.
Now programming. Using a Lego programme which has drag and drop icons to make a programme that will move the robot.

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