Sunday, 12 June 2011

Class blogging 3

Have just logged onto my class email to see that several parents have commented on our new class blog, and some of the children have sent posts for it.

I am really pleased with the reaction from my class and their parents. We have a fabulous school website already which is used to share and celebrate work and events in school.

The only thing really missing from the  class website is the ability to comment on it; that's where blogging came to mind. If it wasn't for the enthusiasm of my twitter PLN I would not have thought about the whole blogging idea!  

Where it will go next I have no idea at the moment. I want to use technology as much as possible to enrich and enhance the children's learning. If a class blog can persuade just one reluctant writer to produce a piece of writing then I shall be pleased. If it encourages parents, carers and families to show more interest in their child's writing that is great... I can't think of any negative impact at all.

I can't wait to see how this idea develops and grows. Only 6 more weeks until the summer holiday; will it be used then at all? I wonder...

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