Monday, 6 June 2011

Class blogging...

Hurray :) Spoke to my HT this morning about setting up a class blog and he was totally supportive. So I am now very excited (and a bit nervous) about the process. Used Ian Addison's excellent website (  to help put a map to see who visits (I like to think ahead!), got inspiration from my VLN on twitter and  and have emailed all the local schools to see who blogs... Not much from that yet. Have also put out a request on twitter for schools who have class blogs to see if I can link with any of them.
The school I work in has an excellent website and my plan is to link our class blog to our class section. As I explained to my HT, the reason I would like my class to blog is to give them an outlet for writing to be published which can be read by, potentially, a world wide audience.
Short term, if parents and other children make comments (I have checked to make sure the comments have to be checked by me before they are published!) that will be a step in the right direction.
Medium term I would like the children to regularly comment on other children's writing from other schools and have their work read by a wider audience.
Long term I would love blogging to be a way for the children to have links with classes of similar aged children from a variety of places both within the UK and outside. How exciting!!
I know that this won't happen overnight; I need to talk to my class first and see how they react and get some ideas from them as to how they would like to see a blog develop. I know there are only 7 weeks until the end of term, but no time like the present and I so want to get started with it!
Any tips/advice would be welcomed.

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