Wednesday, 8 June 2011

School trips

Just returned home after an exhausting but rewarding day at @Bristol. (Science museum for anyone who hasn't heard of it). 105 very excited children arrived in school early this morning ready for our "Brain and Body theme day."

Highly enthusiastic staff there led us through a series of workshops and talks; some of which were better than others, but the enthusiasm and energy of the presenters could not be faulted. The highlight, though, was the time spent in the interactive parts of the museum. Watching children from Years 2,3,4,5,6 working together and enjoying a range of scientific activities made the experience so worthwhile (apart from the travel sick children :S)! The children were literally buzzing with excitement. "Come and look at this!" "Wow!" "This is incredible" were just a few of the comments that poured from the children. We literally had to drag them away at the end to get the coach! Having the chance to watch children working with different classes has made me think about how to make more use of that within school...

School trips take a lot of organisation and are stressful (how many times did I count the children!) but well worth it. Everyone had a great day and can't wait to get back to school tomorrow to share our experiences and make some big posters to put up on display. A great day for all. Where to next?...

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