Saturday, 13 August 2011

100 word challenge for grown ups week 5

“Nooooo!” he threw himself to the ground as she wrenched the ring from her finger.
“I’ll change, I’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll be the man you want me to be...”
She tossed the ring towards him. “It’s too late, I can’t do this anymore.”  Picking up her bag she rushed out to the waiting cab. Without a backward glance she told the driver to take her to St Pancras.
He lay motionless on the ground in the hallway, maybe he should just stay there.
* * *
(Some time later)
“Excuse me sir, telephone...
Sir? ...
Mr Cameron,  Sir?”


  1. The drama in this is really well portrayed.

  2. thank you, found this prompt very hard.

  3. Love the satire! That last line is wkd! Makes it so much richer >:D

  4. I love the irony in this - it is such fun & I'm sure he could well do that! I found it difficult too! Many thanks for sticking with it though!

  5. Thanks- really enjoying the challenges - good to put myself in the position of learner- I will be a lot more sympathetic with children who find it difficult to get started :)

  6. Very funny at the end, I love a good punchline. A great read :O) x P.s I've subscribed to your blog x

  7. Love that twist at the end. :)

  8. thank you for your commenting; been looking at your blog- fab :D

  9. Thanks for taking the time to comment Han :)