Wednesday, 24 August 2011

100 word challenge for grown ups week 7

Having seen lots of people having a go at writing poems for this weekly challenge, I thought I would have a go. We were given three words which have been dropped from the dictionary; growlery, brabble and  foozle. I only managed to get two of them in . I thought the sound of them would work well with a mix of nonsense words. It scans OK but not sure that poetry is my forte. Good to be out of the comfort zone though :S

The strycoth

The boilig craves gumbled
As the mighty strycoth appeared
From the depths of his growlery
All smithery and affeared.

His fortis opponent stood waiting
With his tropious dagger in hand,
“Fear me you floggerscum strycoth
Let us fight, here and now, beast to man!”

With a  mighty crunchdinger the strycoth
Reared up til his horns scratched  the sky;
A deafening  hubdubba-huldulla
Shrotcottled the man by and by.

“Enough of this brabble  you slumflinger!”
Roared  the man  as he reached for his blade.
With trebendium strength, speed and slashing
The strycoth, at last, had been slayed.

I enjoyed writing this. I have just read it to my 12 YO son; "It's a bit weird , Mum." was his reaction. Well, I think I agree with him there. I coudn't get started on a story with these so tried something completely different! 
Now I really must do something about getting started on that list of things to do before term starts. Before that though, wallpaper needs to be stripped from kitchen so enough prevaricating and time for action...


  1. Love it! Very Jabberwock-like! I think poetry might be your thing! Xx

  2. Thanks Erin; I love the Jabberwocky. Not sure that poetry is my thing really- but love the fact you can break rules and use made up words in poems!

  3. Love it! I am a jabberwocky fan myself. And also a fan of simple word play. Well done!

  4. This is FABULOUS! I was thinking of nonsense words too, but you were much more successful I believe. Don't doubt yourself, this is really wonderful.

  5. Thanks :D Lewis Carroll was a genius- I enjoyed reading Alice et al far more as an adult than as a child.

  6. Thankyou Lisa; that's very kind of you. Much more fun than stripping wallpaper!!

  7. Wow! I'm lost for words. This was AMAZING! You have a lot more talent than you give yourself credit for.

  8. Thanks Sally, I don't know about that but it is kind of you to say. I am teaching my class poetry in the first week back and can't wait to see what they come up with :)

  9. Wow, love this post.... Great use of the words..

  10. Thanks for your comment; enjoyed writing this one .

  11. Wonderful! Now that's how language should be used! It was so rich in colour and character. Brilliant!

  12. Thanks Julia; I had fun doing this one. Now my class wont be able to give quite so many excuses not to take part I hope ;)

  13. I think this is fantastic. Something different and very well written. Well done. x

  14. Thank you Susan. A bit of nonsense! More fun than planning !

  15. I hope you keep these assignments somewhere safe because you'll be publishing them as an anthology after your novel! Carroll was a *genius*, I reckon you could ghost write under his pseudonym. I enjoyed this, but Kit is still where its at IMO.

  16. Thanks ventahl; I'm not sure about the ghost writing bit but it is kind of you to say so. To have a published work would be incredible...but I'm just enjoying these at the moment :D