Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Festive 100 word for grown ups

Having spent the last few days with my lovely family eating, drinking and chilling out (and a few walks, party games into the mix!) Have had a go at a couple of these so far.
My brain is obviously pickled as I am not sure how to link to them so I have put my endings in the comment boxes on the posts.
I will have a look at the others later in the week (off to see Puss in Boots later :O)! ) and may also finish off my own ...
There are so many fabulous posts this week. Check them out at

Here are the two endings I have done...


  1. DancingInTheRain: I loved your continuation, Anna. A masquerade ball is so EXACTLY what she needed. Thanks 

  2. Thankyou- I didn't finish as many as I had originally planned- been having lots of lovely family time ;O)