Thursday, 8 December 2011

100 words week 22

Goodness what a busy time it is at the moment. I can hardly believe there is just one more week in school to go. 
This week Julia's prompt has had me stumped

This is what I have come up with this week... hope that next time I will be feeling a little more creative.  I am going to have a look at the others now; maybe I should read the other ones first ? 

100 words in 100 words

100 words , it’s not exactly an essay is it? So why can I not think of ANYTHING to write about? Perhaps it’s just that time of year when everything seems to go, shall we say, crazy? Play rehearsals, performances, lunches, menu planning, gift buying, staff dos, extra rehearsals, parties to organise. Oh yes, and teaching, assessing and report writing to slot in too. Is it me? Or are bells ringing to say time to slow down a bit? No chance- love this time of year and the buzz of end of term run up to Christmas.
 Now, what to write...


  1. Excellent, Anna! I just hope you don't get an inspection into the bargain! ;-)

  2. Goodness - you do sound busy! Really clever way to approach it Anna - love the chatty style. It was only when I got to the prompt that I realised this was the piece itself, rather than the preamble. It was a really tricky prompt this week I thought - deceptively so.

  3. Very clever. 100 words wondering what to write in 100 words. I like it!

  4. You've written a reasonably informative essay in 100 words, and done a good job of tuckering me out. And all I did was read it!

  5. @Dughall hopefully not for a few years yet! That'd just finish me off atm :S

    @SallyJayne. No busier than any other teachers at this time of year. Was a bit of a cheat really. Must try harder next week . Was so impressed with all the ones I have read that haven't been able to come up with anything better than this effort.

    @Lynda. Thank you. Hope Julia will forgive me breaking the prompt with a ?

    @wordsonehundred Thanks for your comment. I am just glad that it is now the weekend (yay)

  6. Well done Anna. I've not managed a piece this week. Interview, Nativity and a cold have knocked me for six. I'll be back next week.

  7. GSussex
    This is a great angle Anna and well written! Amazing how different everyone's entries are : )

  8. I think you've summed it up perfectly - mad as hell, crazily busy, not a moment's rest - and yet we love it. Well done!

  9. I hear you! Many of us need more than 100 words just to complete our holiday "To Do" list! I enjoyed your take on this prompt :)

  10. @Alison...hope you're soon feeling AOK. Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    @Gill Thanks; I sat and read all the other ones through and was impressed with the range as always. Hoped I may have had some creative inspiration but just got a cold!

    @midlifesinglemum Absolutely; it's when we're at our best (?!)

    @Janece thanks for leaving me a comment. Next week I hope to come up with something a bit more creative...

  11. It's a mad old time of year all right - it took me a week to get mine together. So this sums it up for me too!

    Mine (better late than never) is at

  12. What a clever take on this week's prompt. You do sound very busy. Think it may be time to calm down a little. x