Wednesday, 24 April 2013

100 words week 86

It has been a LONG  time since I blogged last- since Grandad died actually.
I still feel sad that he died just as we finished his memoirs and have had a bit of a writing block since.
So, I am going to have  a try with this week’s 100wcgu and see if I can get back into the swing of it.

I have been reading through my nanowrimo and am finding it incredibly hard to edit as some parts just annoy me as they don’t say things the way I want them to. I suppose I just need to persevere.

If I feel brave enough I might post a few extracts on here but not til I have done some more editing.

In the mean time here is my effort with the prompt, …the queue was so long…


“Come on!” Jess hissed under her breath, checking her watch for the umpteenth time and going nowhere fast. She was running late, as usual, and nobody was moving.

Who were they trying to kid with those ridiculous queue barriers?

Such a waste of time.

 It was far more fun in the old days when you used to try to second guess which queue would move first.


What fun was there in this system? The queue was so long that it actually went out onto the street.


When the alarms went off Jess just knew that it was going to be one of those days...


Thanks for taking the time to read. I will endeavour to resume blogging on a more regular basis!!

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