Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Book reviews

I have always been a keen reader. Since my early childhood reading has been one of my favourite past times; my hubby and I often chat about winning the lottery (who doesn't!?) and how we would have our own library/reading room with floor to ceiling book shelves, an open fireplace, great big comfy chairs...Bliss!
In the meantime, I sit curled up on the sofa reading. I have kept a log of the books I read for the last 7 years so that I can make a note of favoured authors or books that I particularly enjoyed.

When I spotted a tweet from WHSmiths asking for people interested in reviewing books to contact them, I leapt at the opportunity.
It has been a very interesting pursuit and one that I intend to continue; I shall use my blog to share reviews that I do.
As with the weekly writing challenges I am hoping that regular practise of writing reviews will improve them; I have been reading reviews in various papers and see that I have some way to go.

Here's my review of the latest Stephen King novel, 11.22.63
Having been an avid fan since my teenage years, it was with much anticipation that I read this latest offering from the prolific writer, Stephen King. 11.22.63 takes the reader on a journey back in time through a portal found in the most inauspicious of places. The plot soon draws you in and it doesn't take long for the reader to be turning pages at breakneck speed to find out if Jake's mission will be successful or not. Time travel stories can all too often become unbelievable but King's writing is so well researched that this never becomes the case with this book. As the story progresses you find yourself willing him on against a multitude of barriers. This novel, although not a patch on "The Stand" (in my opinion one of his greatest), is well worth a read. Gritty, pacey and well researched. It isn't a horror story at all; so don't be put off by that thought- it is a mixture of thriller, both crime and psychological, love, action and history

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